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Goddesses of the East Midlands

At the Temple, we are dedicated to Reclaiming our Local Goddesses. Over the past three years, we have rediscovered 9 Goddesses connected to these lands from all over the East Midlands from as far north as Buxton to Leicester in the south. Their Herstory had been lost for aeons but through research via the internet, local libraries, the archives, archaeological studies, meditation, group ceremonies, Temple rituals and by connecting in with them on there land their story is emerging once again.


Below are channelled messaged from our beloved Goddesses. A full booklet is currently being wrote about there own personal stories including their history and correspondences.

Arnemetia, Goddess of the Sacred Wells & Springs at Buxton. Celebrated at Imbolc

“You know me already; well you should! You've drunk my waters enough time, today you know me by a different name, today you call me Buxton Water. I am the bubbling brook the source and the spring of that water. In ancient times before the town was born the locals knew me as Arnemetia, Goddess of the Sacred Spring for my waters give life, clean fresh flowing water flows from my vulva giving life, nourishment and healing to everyone who drinks me in. Eventually, the Roman came, do you know they built me a Temple, and they named their new town after me “Aquae Arnemetiae” meaning “The Waters of Arnemetia” if it wasn't for the Romans my name may have been lost forever. The one thing that never died is your thirst for me; today my waters are sold across the country. Drink in my waters taste my healing, taste my blood. I am Goddess of the Springs, Holy Wells and Sacred Groves. My feast day is Imbolc come and join me in a toast to celebrate my love for you.”

Cinders of Cinderhill, Nottingham. Beloved Goddess of Fire at Ostara.

“I am the Goddess of Fire, Inspiration, Creativity and Desire. My name is lost across this land. My coal was stolen and my volcano ran dry (Beacon Hill, Leicester, extinct volcano). You may think the Midlands has no fire but it was me, I was the spark of the industrial revolution, it was my coal that once lit your fires, machines and way of life never forget that. My coal still fuels your electricity at Ratcliffe on Soar, mountains of coal sit waiting to turn to ash. Today I am known as Cinders from one of my many Collieries on Ciderhill.

I am the flickering flame that lies in your heart; I am the dance of life that energises your body and soul. Dance with me dear sister/brother and you will know no fear, for I can destroy all doubt and regrets. I am in that flame in front of you, look again closely and see my many faces flicker in the light that brightens up your life. Even from my raging destruction, I bring fertile new soils; my lava is the living blood of the planet deep beneath your feet my veins flow around the world. In front of you, you see my sister the sun waving to you from high up in the cosmos. I am everywhere from the tiniest candle, to your kitchen hearth, to the roaring winter bonfires, next time you walk past an open flame call my name, call me into your heart and I will bring you passion, desire and hope. I will put the spring back into your step.”

Marian, Wild Lover of Sherwood Forest. Goddess of Love at Beltane.

"I am Marian of the Wildwood, you may know me as Marian the wife of Robin, but this is wrong. I am Queen of the May, temptress and lover of men, for it's not Merry Men its Mari's Men, My men, I'm the one that will lead you into the cave of temptation, let me take you by the hand, let me lead you into a night of pure wonderment. I am Queen, a shining Goddess, don't let the stories confuse you, I am no maiden, mistress maybe, I alone hold the bow and arrow, I alone protect myself. Let me take away your wounding for I know you pain sister/brother. I know how it feels to be let down by man, how did we let them change our story. Let me open your heart to love, call to me, and I will be there to dance alongside you, I will carry your pain away, let me be a shoulder for you to cry on. Once you let me in you will know my ecstasy for I am joy, delight and excitement... your spine will shiver, goosebumps will appear all your desires will be met. Believe me I'm no maid."

Trisantona Goddess of the Sacred River Trent Celebrated at the Summer Solstice

"Do you know without me you wouldn't be here (in the Midlands), there would be no Midlands without me, I am the river that divides the North from the South. I am guardian keeper of the sacred gateways to the North. I hold the boundaries of many counties, bridges where built and burnt over me. I know the true meaning of boundaries, limits, do you... Come, let me teach you how to maintain personal boundaries and connections. By my rivers, streams and brooks you have been fed, watered and nurtured. Your towns and cities have grown up alongside my banks, I've watched you grow and develop into the person you are today. I have been here since the beginning and will be here until the end. My river is ever constant and ever changing, I am shapeshifter, way shower and guardian, a guide to all those in need. I can gently carry you downstream, or my tidal bore can whisk you off your feet taking you by surprise, are you ready to jump into my flow, surrender to my current. Who am I, who are you? For I am the one that watches, listens and changes, one day you may see me as a Merperson swimming by, the next (Day) you see me in the banks resting by Mother Willow. Change, flow, flux and transformation that is my gift to you. All you ever see is the blue waters that lie on the surface, below that murky surface my river runs deep, life lives inside of me, fish swim and plants grow. I have the power to move stone, rock and earth everything changes for I am the deep emotions that live inside of you transforming you from within, don't forget child, you are made up of 70% water maybe the waters of the Trent live inside of you... When you next look at a river, see beyond the surface look directly into the watery world and discover a whole new way of being... "


Painting of Trisantona by Daniel Le Fey 2017

Brigantia Tribal Mother Goddess of Lammas

“Did you call me, I heard you say Mother. I am the Great Mother Goddess of my tribe; you may have heard of them, there called the Briganties after myself of course. They were a strong race of people noble and wise after all Britain was named after them. I've had many incarnations from Britannia and then as Brigid each time I'm still considered the Goddess of these British Isles. I am renowned for my protection, loyalty, love and wisdom, that's why the Romans were so scared of me. My skills of healing, poetry and smithcraft are still renowned for I inspire my children to grow into their true potential. I provide the tender love and care that all mothers can, call to me and will heal any personal issues you have with your family, call to me, and I will be you counsel in times of need, I listen and advise my children. I know the pain you went through at childbirth next time invite me in the room and let me take that pain away, giving birth and raising a family is one of the many miracles I give to you. Now a little advice for all my potential Dads, learn to love unconditionally accept your child for who they are and who they will become, keep love in your heart. Call to me when you need strength and guidance or just someone to shout at when things go bad, I will always be there for my children. I give you my many blessings enjoy my abundance, eat well, live well and enjoy life for it is a gift to you, my Daughter/Son. I love you, Mum."

Shirelyn Goddess of the Shire, Queen of the Autumn Equinox

"No one knows me but I know you, I am the land you walk upon, my body slumbers, resting in Bramcote Hills Park near to the Hemlock Stone (Phallic Standing Stone), my beloved consort in this world. I am Goddess of these Shires, the woodlands, the fields, the ponds and lakes. I am known to all the animals as there protectress, guardian and queen, they look after me, and I look after them, together we embrace the Earth filling it with love, care, protection and support. The trees are my council they provide me with all the information I need, do you hear the Dryads (Tree Spirit) whisper, have you ever followed Will-o'-the-wisp to unknown places in my enchanted woodland. Have you seen my shire fairies dance with falling leaves? Why do humans especially Adults take the magic out of life, I call to your inner child to recognise me, to remember the joy you once had on my land. In my valley you see my Yonic Gateway giving birth to new life, inspiration and ideas, I hold the mysteries of life, death and rebirth which I share with all women and I inspire men to share in my mysteries to know life beyond limits and separation. I walk these lands cloaked and hooded while holding a lamp, join me in my shire we will dance in the meadows, swim in the still lakes, walk wild and free in the forest, most importantly we will light the way to freedom, peace and unity. Because no one should no harm, my land should not be raped, hurt and destroyed, my animal should not be hunted or culled the air should be fresh and children should feel safe. I create and walk new paths of love and healing, to bring about transformation."

Black Annis, Dark Goddess of Samhain

"Are you scared, do you know fear? Are you in pain and agony? Then surrender it to me, Black Annis, I devour fear, I strip away your shadow until all the darkness has gone and only light remains. Men wrote about how I ate children this is unfair I only ate them on a Saturday when they wouldn't leave me alone... Joking obviously. I'm old; some say I'm wise, but most importantly I'm the one you should be afraid of because I won't hold back. That's right I'm the one that will kick you in the right direction, I'm the one that will push and pull you until you finally do that one thing you have been putting off for all these years. Don't fear my dark cave, don't be afraid of the empty black voids of your soul, open them up to me. I've heard you screaming at night to the moon, don't shriek, shout my name Black Annis and I will take that pain.

In my cauldron there is a brew waiting for you, a hearty meal that dissolves all your unnecessary thoughts and feelings, it heals the pain that I see in you. People say I left human skin out to dry near my old friend the Oak. If only they had come closer, they would have seen that this is the layering of peoples tears drying out for when they are dry I shatter these tear sheets releasing the last drops of pain you feel. I may look scary, but at heart, I'm the grit, bone and stone of this land, the last crone of Leicestershire. At heart, I am your grandmother the one you know you can turn to."

Nemetona, Goddess of the Sacred Grove, honoured during the stillness of Yule

“Millennias ago people stopped coming to my groves. They turned their back on me, the sacred circle. Instead, they went for a triangle where one person leads, and the rest follows, this was the beginning of hierarchy the birth of patriarchy. I have to laugh because my groves still live, my bountiful Oaks grow ever taller, older and wiser. Men came in there droves to cut down my timber. However, the forest fought back and now years later the tide is turning, and people are replanting the wild woodlands. The ancient forests are starting to breathe new life and I sits once again in circle with my beloved Sisters and Brothers who are being reborn here and now to bring the old ways back (Yes you are one of these soul beings). Learning how to live in sisterhood and brotherhood with each other, sitting and sharing in circle, creating new active and healthy communities where people come together to learn from each other. The council of trees are happy, the yew told me many years ago that this will one day happen. Let me help you; listen to me when you walk into my forests, you will see me on the breeze, the leaves shimmering through the canopy, I am the roots, bark and branches, call to me and I will share all my knowledge to help you learn and understand the ancient ways. Come sit; I have some food prepared.”

Shirelyn and Nemetona Necklaces made by Moon Crafts. Please contact them via their Facebook Page.

The Lady of Nottingham, the Heartbeat of our City, Honoured in the Centre

The Lady of Nottingham Painted and Copyrighted by Gail Hall 2015

"I am the living breath, the pulse and heartbeat of this Place. I live in the caves; I dance in the taverns and inns of my great city. I am one and many, for my land contains many things: caves, hills, marshes, woodlands and rivers. Today I am mostly covered in concrete, but just below the surface, I am there. I am the Lady of Nottingham, the Genius Loci of this great city. Centuries ago you called me Tigguo Cobauc the place of the Cave Dweller, for thousands of years you have dug caves into my earth, lived inside my body, working, playing and enjoying my hospitality. Then Snot (Snotta) came along and built his Saxon town of Snotta inga ham (Meaning the People of Snot) thankfully the people soon saw sense and changed the name to Snottingham and then finally to Nottingham, the name you all know me by today. Unlike other cities mine has rarely been invaded that's because I wouldn't let anyone destroy my town ducky. We are a strong, noble race of people, loyal to the bone, filled with love and laugher. People say Nottingham is the Queen of the Midlands and it is, for I am the jewel in the crown. Come walk my streets, shop, dine and play. Let me be your host when you visit. Call to me and I will always protect you, I will stand by you, watch you and guide you me duck. You are my child never forget where you come from. We have lots to be proud of."

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